For Offices

Wireless calling system for offices helps make communication with employees easier. Manager can call employees, office boys, cleaners or to request for drinks or food through very simple system. Our customized system can be setup to fulfil your requirements.

Receiver watches can be worn by employees (Secretary or Office boys) to be called as per requirement of the manager. Calling buttons can be setup for employees as well.

Employees receive notification on their smart watch on whose calling and the requirement. Wireless calling system saves time and increases efficiency of the work. Our system is completely customizable, from labels to connection setup. We have various options to be used based on different setup. Let us help you make your office, smart office.

For Restaurants & Cafes

Wireless Calling System for Restaurants & Cafes consists of 3 parts, first one is the Waiter Caller Buttons on the tables for the customers to call the waiters, second is the Waiter Watches that will be wore by the waiters to receive alerts of any calls. Final part of our system is the Analytics of the daily activities which provides valuable information to the manager on waiters’ performance and whole restaurant activity related to our system.

Analytical Web Application for the Manager

Analytical System for the Managers

Our analytical system provides variety of relevant and useful information for the manager or owner of the restaurant/café.

Top Menu shows following information:

Number of Daily Customer Calls

Service Efficiency

Tables Registered

Average Response Time

XD Admin Panel displays numerous charts with very useful information such as:

Response time for every table

Number of calls for every table

Customer Count comparisons

Rush Hour time for the shop