Wireless Call System in UAE

No matter the industry you’re in, communication between you and your customers is always important. You have to let your customer know that they are your first priority. Communication can be made easy with wireless call systems. In this article, the following will be covered:

  1. What are wireless call systems?
  2. In which industries can wireless call systems be used?
    • Hospitals and retirement homes
    • Offices
    • Restaurants and Cafes
  3. Conclusion

What are wireless call systems?

Wireless call systems is an easy way to communicate with your customers or employees. These systems consist of transmitters and receivers. The systems are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning when there is a power-cut. A wireless call system is also easy to install. Transmitters include different types of call buttons. There are also different types of receivers, catering for different industries. Let’s see which industries will benefit from having a wireless call system in place.

In which industries can wireless call systems be used?

Any industry would benefit from using a wireless call system. Some industries that we will discuss will include Offices & Restaurant / Cafes.

Restaurant & Cafes

We all have had the experience of going to a restaurant expecting to have a tasty meal and great service, only to find ourselves constantly calling out to waiters or waving for assistance. Having the wireless call system in place eliminates all the hand-waving and calling out for attention. Restaurants can make use of a wireless call system called the waiter call system.

This system consists of a five key call button, which is placed on each table at the restaurant When pressed, the call button will alert the waiter, that a particular table needs assistance. The bill button can be pressed, requesting the bill. Other buttons can similarly be used as per requirement of the business i.e in UAE, shisha cafes can use it to call for Charcoal. The cancel button will be pressed by the waiter when he reaches the table, thus cancelling the call request.

Waiters can use wrist-watch receivers, so that they can respond to customers while on the move. Display monitors can also be placed in the restaurant kitchen, displaying notifications.


Wireless calling system for offices helps make communication with employees easier. Manager can call employees, office boys, cleaners or to request for drinks or food through very simple system. Our customized system can be setup to fulfill your requirements.

Employees receive notification on their smart watch on whose calling and the requirement. Wireless calling system saves time and increases efficiency of the work. Our system is completely customizable, from labels to connection setup. We have various options to be used based on different setup. Let us help you make your office, smart office.

Receiver watches can be worn by employees (Secretary or Office boys) to be called as per requirement of the manager. Calling buttons can be setup for employees as well.

Wireless Calling System in UAE

XD Business Solutions is proud to be the sole distributor of wireless calling system in UAE, we will provide solutions for custom requirement along with customizations as per clients’ needs.