Why choose XD for WhatsApp Business?



WhatsApp Users Globally – Your clients are one of them



Daily Active Users – Be where your customers are



Companies using WhatsApp Business – For one on one conversations



where WhatsApp is available – Reach customers around the globe



Banking grade conversational AI platform with WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption to ensure secure conversational transactions.


Create user specific customized and taylored notifications and recommendations.

Available 24/7

Conversational AI for WhatsApp is availble round the clock, 24/7 to cater to your customers without waiting in a queue.


Create complex workflows with our help and deploy them instantly.

Do more with Conversational AI
for WhatsApp Business in UAE


Break the norm of text messaging and communicate with images, videos and gifs.

Give Directions

Give directions, not just addresses, with Google and iPhone Maps.

Documents on the go

Save time attaching documents on Emails and send them with a single click directly to your contacts.


Remind your customers of important dates and activities with timely alerts, show them that you care.

Use Cases

Enhance Marketing
Roll out promotional offers to customers
Engage with the user when the user is exploring your product
Customize conversations for repeat visitors
Send announcements of a new product launch
Drive Sales
AI-powered user specific recommendations
Recommend products of interest for Upsell and Cross-sell
Notify customers about promotional offers
Place orders from the WhatsApp chat window
Enhanced Customer Support
Answer questions contextually based on customers conversation history
Interact with your customers directly with AI chatbots
Assist customers quickly, at scale with personalized support
Optimize/reduce support costs of other channels such as calls
Extend support beyond the working hours
Notify customers of important dates and deadlines

Partner with us if you want to be a part of the Conversational AI Wave in UAE with a strong product, and expand your Business and Revenues

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement on Digital and Social Channels

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Asset Management for easy access and preventing loss of assets

Conversion of Traffic

Increased Conversion of Traffic to Leads and Customers

Improved Productivity

Productivity Increase of Employees in functions such as customer service, sales, HR, F&A (Finance and Accounting), Procurement for Operational Savings


Automate redundant and repetitive tasks for better operational output and cost savings

Insights and Intelligence

Gain insights into customer requirements and success factors from conversational analytics to improve product and marketing mix