Our products have been helping businesses in UAE since 2018. We have developed numerous products based on our clients’ needs and requirements. With products such as HR Management System, Point of Sale System, Wireless Calling System, Social Wi-Fi and Social Chatbots created especially for the UAE business market.

Our HR Management System is a cloud based application that offers complete range of services for human resource management for SME (Small-Medium Enterprises). Our system integrates with bio-metric (Fingerprint / Facial Recognition & ID Cards) machines to get real-time data and display it to the management. Real-time reporting, leave management, advance salaries, payroll generation as per UAE standard with automatic creation of SIF file for WPS system.

Discover what XD POS can do for your restaurant business. Offering take away and table management, customer information, option to send orders directly to the kitchen and above all an intuitive user friendly interface – we’re here to make things easier, faster and simpler. Coupled with state of the art mobile applications for a truly unforgettable staff and customer experience, XD POS is the point of sale solution to help your business grow.

Social Wi-Fi is cloud based, which means you can control it from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to see how many customers connects to your Wi-Fi, their contact details, duration, re-visits and you’ll also be able to limit their bandwidth or volume they can use per visit.

Wireless Calling System

Wireless Calling System for Restaurants & Cafes consists of 3 parts, first one is the Waiter Caller Buttons on the tables for the customers to call the waiters, second is the Waiter Watches that will be wore by the waiters to receive alerts of any calls. Final part of our system is the Analytics of the daily activities which provides valuable information to the manager on waiters’ performance and whole restaurant activity related to our system.

Social Chatbots

Partner with us if you want to be a part of the Conversational AI Wave with a strong product, and expand your Business and Revenues.

Enhanced Customer Support:
Answer questions contextually based on customers conversation history
Interact with your customers directly with AI chatbots
Assist customers quickly, at scale with personalized support
Optimize/reduce support costs of other channels such as calls
Extend support beyond the working hours
Notify customers of important dates and deadlines

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