55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a problem
– Alphabet (Google’s Parent Company}

What is a Chatbot?
Chatbots are intelligent computer programs powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process user queries and reply with the most matching answers from a formatted content or structured database. Chatbots are also known as Bots, Talkbots and Chatterbots.

Customer queries are parsed using NLP technology to identify ‘intents’ that are then matched with an extensive database of ‘responses’ fine-tuned with ‘context’ analysis. Machine learning is used to build intent-response relationships on the fly to answer new queries.

Chatbots are gaining popularity as they get deployed for different business objectives. Customer Support, Shopping Assistance, Travel Planning, Appointment Booking and Quotations.

Better customer engagement

Chatbots have the ability to have thousands of conversations at the same time. Customers will choose the vendor that requires spending less effort to get in touch with and provides faster support.

Helps you save on money and time

A chatbot is the most accurate and responsible employee that doesn’t require a salary. Chatbot gives you the opportunity to easier reach global market: Chatbots work 24/7, communicating with your clients in multiple languages 365 days a year.

Monitoring client’s data

Chatbots can gather and provide you feedback, collected during conversation. Hence to this, you can make crucial adjustments for your business improvement based on your customers’ comments.

Keeping up with trends

Implementing a chatbot into your business can give you a leading position in front of your competitors that are just starting to understand a power and benefits of using the chatbot.

Usage & Benefits By Business Sectors


Product sales, complaint management, product discounts, store finder, order tracker, returns management, digital coupon delivery


Account details, health history wizard, doctor locator, personal training notifications, prescription refills, appointments with doctors


Account details, bill management, outage alerts, digital meter information, saving and safety tips, complaint management


Account details, package tracking, shipping information, pickup scheduling, bill payments, location finder, proof of delivery.


Account details, shows, episodes, schedule, alerts, technical support, complaint management, merchandise, bill payments

Travel & Hospitality

Account details, room bookings, offers, hotel directory & map, gift cards, etc.


Account details, payments via chat, store locator, complaint management, product wizard (suggesting products based on profile information).


Account details, peer-to-peer payments, product-service wizard (suggesting services based on users’ profiles), branch/ATM locator, investment assistant, notifications about new deals/prices (stock-currency), overdrafts alerts.


Account details, quote wizard (displaying products based on users’ profile), agent-store locator, request assistant, incident report, claims management

What are the roles of the bot ?

Sales person

The bot provides a range of sales services such as invoice generation, payment, and payment status tracking. Besides direct sales, a bot successfully provides cross-selling.

Lead generator

The bot gathers potential customers and offers them value: loyalty card or discounts, for example. Also, the bot is able to gather customer’s information and make appointments.


The bot provides customer support and issues resolving 24/7. Helper answers to the FAQ and saves the time of live agents. The bot is also able to connect live agents with users if necessary.


The bot aggregates the data from different resources into a message and notificates customer regarding service changes.


The main value of a bot is the conversation flow with user. A bot is able to establish a friendly amtoshpere and improve the users’ mood.


The bot integrates with appropriate API to complete clients’ requests. The bot is able to provide customer authorization and integration with another mobile or web services. After integration, a bot gives out processed result in the appropriate format.


The bot automates such processes as showcasing rules, presenting new participants or advertising.

Messaging Channels

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