Our HR Management System is a cloud based application that offers complete range of services for human resource management for SME (Small-Medium Enterprises). Our system integrates with bio-metric (Fingerprint / Facial Recognition & ID Cards) machines to get real-time data and display it to the management. Real-time reporting, leave management, advance salaries, payroll generation as per UAE standard with automatic creation of SIF file for WPS system.


Bio-metric Attendance Machine Integration

Automate attendance by integration with Bio-metric Attendance Machines

Real-Time Attendance Information

Cloud based system allows real-time information to be available seamlessly

Employee Management

Manage employees profiles, salaries, payrolls, payslips, attendance, holidays, leaves, expenses, cash advances, etc

Department Management

Create multiple departments and assign employees to make management easier

Leaves Management

Create multiple leave types and manage leaves of your employees

Schedules Management

Assign multiple schedules to the employees and manage their attendance

Salary Advances Management

Keep track of all Salary / Cash Advances given to employees and automatically deduct from the salary.

Employee Expense Management

Manage all the company expenses incurred by the employees with approval.

Holidays Management

Manage calendar to assign national or international holidays with ease.

Basic Recruitment Management

Create and share job postings to manage all the applications

One Click Payroll Generation

Generate payroll for all employees with a single click

WPS Salary File Generation

After generating Payroll, export the WPS (Wage Protection System) File

Mobile Application for Managers

Mobile applications for manager to view employees, attendance, assign schedules, generate reports, etc

Real-Time Reporting

View all the employees reports in real-time from Web or Mobile Application

Mobile Application for Employees

Mobile application for employees to view their information, attendance, payslips, apply for leaves, cash advances, request expense, etc

Mobile Application helps managers to keep track of employees attendance, leaves, schedules, expenses, salary advances and reporting. It helps to have complete control over your HR aspects all the time.

HR Analytics helps you to rate your employees based on performance, hours worked, days worked, etc

Why choose XD HRM Suite ?

XD HRM Suite is made specifically as per UAE standard, we offer features that are not available in other HR systems available: