Covid-19 Solutions in UAE: Thermal Cameras & AI

There are several approaches being applied to help reduce the spread rate of COVID-19 in UAE. These include self-isolation methods such as work from home, improved basic hygiene such as increased hand washing and the enforcement on wearing masks to reduce the prospect of infection.
Similarly, when symptoms appear there is clear guidance on what to do next. Primarily this involves limiting social contact through self-isolation for up to 14 days.

Ultimately, prior to any vaccine being available, the fight against COVID-19 in UAE is being led by the ability to detect symptoms and isolate people suspected of an infection. This is a combined effort between different key workers and technology applications.

Thermal cameras can play a part in this coordinated approach. These cameras provide thermal imaging for body temperature solutions which can quickly and accurately identify people with elevated body temperatures, one of the key symptoms of COVID-19.
These solutions can provide organizations with an additional layer of protection to their facility from increased exposure to the coronavirus.

How thermal cameras can help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Thermal cameras can play an important role in helping organizations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Around the world, governments are responding to the unprecedented circumstances related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. In many countries and regions, authorities have placed restrictions on their citizens movements and have increased guidance on the basic hygiene required to reduce the spread of the virus. The primary aim of this activity is to reduce the reproduction number (Rₒ) of COVID-19 by limiting contact between groups of people as much as possible.

Similarly, many government and healthcare authorities have provided guidance on the key symptoms associated with the disease. One of the key symptoms is an increased body temperature or fever.

Applications for thermal imaging technology include:

  • Healthcare – Identifying potential COVID-19 sufferers as they enter hospital which will allow healthcare professionals to take precautions, such as limiting contact with other patients and ensuring all staff they encounter are wearing appropriate protective gear.
  • Public spaces – Scanning people’s body temperature on entry to public spaces, such as railway stations, airports and large venues. This will allow individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19 to be isolated and reduce the further spread of the virus in crowded places.
  • Retail – Thermal imaging technology will support the safety of staff and customers in supermarkets or other shops in identifying individuals with fevers and potentially diverting them away from the stores.
  • Business Headquarters – For businesses preparing for the return of large number of employees to their head offices. These fever-screening solutions will detect any employees or visitors who are potentially infected with COVID-19, preventing it from spreading further within the office.

Thermal Body Temperature Solutions in UAE

An important distinction to make in the overall societal response to COVID-19 is that body temperature solutions are not a medical solution. They cannot identify the virus and they do not protect organizations or individuals from catching the virus.

Thermal body temperature solutions are a tool that can support the identification of a key symptom of the disease. They can help organizations identify people showing these symptoms, but they do not diagnose or treat COVID-19. However, this does not mean that thermal body temperature solutions do not add value in the overall response.

In fact, they provide a non-invasive method to check body temperature, can do this at faster rates than hand-held scanners and at a greater (potentially safer) distance. The deployment of these solutions in a facility may even encourage positive behavior with staff more likely to stay at home when they are unwell with a fever.

Thermal body temperature solutions require, at a minimum, a radiometric thermal camera to measure temperature differences in people entering the field of view. More advanced solutions will use blackbody devices to help calibrate the temperature measurement, especially in less controlled environments where the elements can influence the reading.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms can also be integrated to help target the temperature reading on the most accurate part of the body, typically the forehead or near the eyes.

There are several solutions available on the market for temperature measurement. All of them have their benefits and can help aid to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our Thermal Cameras Solutions

We are helping businesses in UAE to control the spread of COVID-19 with a range of thermographic screening solutions. These solutions can quickly and easily identify individuals with a fever that may be symptomatic of COVID-19.

We’re providing solutions that can help all business and public sectors, ranging from healthcare, identifying potential COVID-19 sufferers as they enter the hospital to businesses preparing for the return of large numbers of employees to their offices in order to protect employees and visitors.

We want to help protect the nation and support the country getting back to work by being able to isolate any individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19 and reduce the spread of the virus in crowded venues whether it’s public spaces or retail stores.